Empower Union County youth and adults to lead healthy, substance-free lives.


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UC Talks provides parents and caregivers with tools and techniques to help build strong children and have real conversations about drugs, alcohol, mental health, and suicide.

The confidence is already within them, help bring it out with UC Talks.

UC Talks campaign equips parents to build up their child’s strengths. When youth have confidence in themselves and know their parent’s expectations, studies show they are empowered to make good decisions, better regulate their emotions, and develop healthy relationships.

In the 2021 Union County parent survey, many expressed their concern about the impact of these issues on students:

Source: 2021 Union County Parent Survey

Be Informed

Do you know what slang terms are being used for drugs, sex, or parties?

How about the amount of time your child spends on social media or screen time?

Have you asked your child about the pressure they feel related to grades, peers, or school?

Being informed enables you to guide your child through difficult situations.

Pay Attention

Have you noticed changes in your child such as energy level or mood? Are they getting ready for an important event like a test, a date, or a competition? Or is it something more serious?

These are times to check-in with your child and find out what is going on. Provide support or acknowledgment of their skills and choices.

Talk To Your Child

Spend one-on-one time with each child. They need personal time with you to share their thoughts and desires. Make sure they know your expectations and family values.

Express your confidence that they will be able to stand their ground when faced with tough decisions and that they have your support.

Upcoming Events

Parenting In Depth

Looking for more tools or answers on ways to work with your child?  Check out these workshops.

Guiding Good Choices

Guiding Good Choices is a 5-session, nationally recognized parenting program. It teaches effective family communication & family bonding and gives parents of children ages 9-14 the skills they need to help their children steer clear of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.

Raising Safe Kids

The ACT Raising Safe Kids parent program is a FREE workshop where parents, caregivers, and Parents-to-be meet to learn more about parenting children ages 0 – 8.   This is an 8 session program.

Learn the ages and stages of development
Understand your child’s behaviors
Learn how to use positive discipline
Learn to teach children how to control their anger
Understand and manage your own angry feeling


Strategies to improve cooperation and self-regulation with youth. Parents and caregivers will learn 9 strategies to use in working with children to motivate cooperation and build strong relationships. This is a two and half-hour program.

Family Check-Up

This is a personalized program for parents of children age 2 through 17.

For more information about any of these parent programs contact Tabbie Glass at the Prevention Awareness Support Services (PASS)

  • Phone: 937-645-0141 or
  • email tglass@passaah.org

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Put Your Parenting Style into Action

Grade Level: 5–7
15-30 minutes

Learn how your parenting style is key in preventing underage drinking.

Help Support/ Donate through Richwood Coffee

Parents, Stay Positive!
FREE, 5-Week Group for Parents

Call or email Action for Children at
614-382-2445 or alyles@actionforchildren.org

Each participant will also have 3 one-on-one phone sessions with the group leaders to make the strategies
really work for their families.

Learn about the Lates thin in Union County.  The Mosaic Project helps families get support for any mental health concern.  Just call 833-667-2428 which your questions this toll-free number  is available 24/7

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